Sunday, 24 November 2013

What I'm Wearing..

I love parka style coats, they are so easy to wear and you don't even have to think about throwing one on. There is a huge range of lightweight coats around at the moment, so go and pick one up. They can be worn with anything and this hooded lightweight jacket is a really nice one. Its khaki coloured (this same jacket comes in black and navy as well) with a check inner. The only downside is that I have seen a lot of people wearing this - but that happens when shopping in Topshop.  
Flannel shirts, for me, are a must-have. This BDG black watch flannel shirt one is 100% cotton and looks lovely paired with jeans or shorts. Also adding a vintage style necklace (much like mine) really works with this kind of shirt. I think the flatform shoes add something (I'm not sure what) and, well, I just love these socks so much. I own like 10 pairs of them. Oh, and my hat, I love this hat. 

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