Friday, 27 June 2014

Naked Basics Palette

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, but, for some reason, I have not. The Naked palettes from Urban Decay have been raved about by everyone. Now it's my turn. I have the Naked Basics palette because, well its cheaper and I love matte eyeshadow. This palette has 6 very neutral shades including: "Venus"
- a very light shade with a hint of shimmer, "Foxy" - a light neutral matte with a slight yellow tone, "Walk of Shame" - a light neutral matte with a slight pink tone, "Naked 2" - a slightly taupe (with a touch of grey/brown) matte, "Faint" - a medium brown matte and "Crave" - a soft black with a matte finish.
I love this palette, the shades are not powdery in the slightest, they apply smoothly and can last a full day. It is fairly pricey, I think its around £22, but, if you can buy it, I would definitely recommend. The colours come out very well and are highly pigmented.
Clearly, I use "Naked 2" a lot. This is because I often use it, usually mixed with a bit of "Faint", on my eyebrows. I like dark eyebrows but not often on myself, so this works perfectly as an everyday brow filler.
I would of course recommend this, it is the perfect palette for a smokey eye.

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