Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tried and Tested

Sorry! I haven't posted in forever. I've been so busy with exams, revision, concerts too many excuses! But come on, two posts in two weeks, that's a start right? Anyway, I've been wanting to do this post for ages. I'm an obsessive reader of beauty/fashion blogs and I always like to try out products that have an overwhelmingly good review. My most recent purchases have been the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Maybelline The Volum' Express Falsies Flared Mascara. Both of these products have been raved about and I was desperately in need of a new concealer and, well, it was the perfect opportunity
to expand my mascara collection (which, by the way, is not very large).

So, firstly, the concealer. Concealer is a daily product for me, and I know concealers/foundations are not so good for your skin, but this one and my previous concealer (Seventeen Stay Time Concealer) do not to seem to cause breakouts, I also make sure to remove any makeup before I go to sleep. I was wary of trying this concealer as the shade I bought (Soft Medium) is darker than what I usually wear. I usually go for the lightest shades, which in hindsight, and from being informed by family members, makes me look quite pale. The tester I tried out was a good match (Light) but it was sold out. I was fairly confused as both "Light" and "Soft Medium" were number 2. They could have been the same shade, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, (I know, I ramble too much) this concealer has amazing coverage, and it is long lasting, you may need to top it up once or twice but I don't usually bother. The only problems I have with it is, my personal issue that the shade I bought may appear a bit orangey, and the fact that I find you have to do one blemish at a time, as I found that if you apply it to all your face and then blend, it sort of sinks in/dries in (?) to your skin pretty quickly and can then be difficult to blend. Overall, this is a genuinely good concealer and is definitely great value for money.

Next we have the mascara. I have seen hundreds of great review for Maybelline The Falsies and I was desperate to buy it so I finally did. I picked up the "flared" one in Boots for £7.99. Okay, I absolutely love this mascara. The curved brush is amazing and makes it easy to apply and adds curl and flare to your lashes. There are almost no clumps at all and it does not flake throughout the day. Would definitely recommend this mascara. Will be repurchasing without a doubt.

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