Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Swimming, Smoothies and Sun - Visiting Italy

St Peters Basilica - Rome.
Pantheon - Rome.
The Colosseum - Rome.
Sant'Angelo - Rome ft. Me + Siblings.
The Trulli Capital - Alberobello.
One of the many pizzas I had, although I have to say the pasta in Italy is amazing. I've decided that buffalo mozzarella makes a pizza just that much better, oh and Italians do tomato sauce best.
Very nice pool.
The view from Vesuvius.
 Poolside with a book and smoothie (raspberries, blackberries and yoghurt). I managed (very easily) to read five
books this holiday, all of which were very good and I definitely recommend them. 
I'm considering doing a book review post but anyway.

I apologise for the seemingly extensive amount of photos.
This summer, I went on an 18 day family holiday to Italy. We spent twelve days in a villa in the region of Puglia, before spending two nights near Pompeii (which I didn't actually visit) and four nights in Rome. It was great. 
I did this post in a different style so yeah, hope you like it.

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