Monday, 26 January 2015

Balancing Blogging and Revision

I wasn't sure what to post today so I decided I'd try something a bit different.

I'm currently in my final year of secondary (high) school, which means exams, exams and more exams. Seriously, I'm doing 19 exams in May and June. And they're important, they basically determine where I go for 6th form. Very, very nervous, hopefully all
will go well! But I do tend to get bad exam anxiety, which is super fun.

Year 11 is so stressful as I have to pick my 6th form and A Level/IB subjects.

If I go to a different school I have applied to take 4 A Levels; Maths, Philosophy, Psychology and then either History/English Literature (it depends on the school as different courses are offered). If I stay at my school and do the IB, I am hoping to take Maths (HL), Philosophy (HL), Psychology (HL), Chemistry (SL), English Literature (SL) and Spanish (SL).

To get into my chosen 6th forms and courses I basically need 7 A*-Bs. This mean A LOT of revision.

I have to do 10 hours of revision a week or I have to stay in school until like 5 everyday, but unfortunately I am the biggest procrastinator ever. Seriously, I'm supposed to be revising right now but I currently have a split screen on my laptop and am writing this post whilst watching Glee. Oops.

You're probably thinking, I thought this post was supposed to be about BALANCING blogging and revision, not choosing one over the other! Well I'm getting there!

After getting my mock results, which literally ranged from A-E. An E! I realised, I had to get serious about revision. So I've made myself a revision timetable, which gives me two hours of revision a night and then 3/4 on Sunday. If I'm busy on the weekend, I will cut it down or spread the time over both Saturday and Sunday.

Now for blogging. With blogging I have two major issues. Firstly, writers - or bloggers? - block! Any bloggers reading, I bet you know what I mean! I cannot tell you how many times I have sat and just been unable to think of anything to write! One thing that has helped me so much is 365 Blog Topic Ideas; For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About by Dana Fox. This is honestly so useful and such a great idea. Another thing I like to do is go deep into Bloglovin and find post inspiration! You can also use Pinterest for this.
My second issue is lighting! Being winter in the UK means we get about 7 hours of daylight, of which all 7 I spend at school. So, I have to wait until the weekend to take photos. What I like to do is give myself a few hours to spend taking photos. I know I could use lighting, and I do if I have absolutely no time on the weekend, but I much prefer natural lighting!

For me, blogging is something I really enjoy, so finding time for it is easy. It's a well needed break from revision. I am basically planning to spread my two hours of revision a night into 30 minute time slots. In between these I will have breaks and spend a while writing a post or two!

Do you have any tips for time management?


  1. We are on the same boat! I'm trying to balance blogging, which I love so much with my revision for IB finals. It's hard work, but I do 3 blog posts a week, which I write on Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on how tired I am.
    Good luck with your exams, and don't let the mock put you down, trust me!
    - Kayjinxx

  2. I also do three posts a week! And yes, I love it so much so it's easy to try and find time although that sometimes means putting off revision! Not good. Thanks so much, good luck with your finals too!Xx

  3. I know exactly what you're going through. Year 11 is a bore! I normally plan out blogs during my revision breaks and then write them all at the weekends to post throughout the week - then during the week I just edit the final ones in between revision. The way I'm thinking of it is the final exams will be all over in 5 months (yay) so it's only temporary. Obviously try to concentrate on revision more but let yourself have tons of breaks as well. For my mocks I did 2-4 hours of revision on most days (although I did skip quite a few!) but the revision was really effective - I only got 2 Bs and the rests As and even a few A*s which I was chuffed with. Others of my friends did 6 or even 7 hours a day with not enough breaks and just tired out their brains so nothing was going in and as a result they didn't do that great. So don't ban yourself from blogging throughout the week, just balance the two in a way that you're do a good amount of work a day and also having lots of breaks

    Good Luck with it all,

  4. Wow! Congrats on your mock results, that's brilliant! Thanks so much for the advice, I'm definitely planning to take breaks in between revision. Love hearing from people who understand what I'm going through! Good luck with everything xxx