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Benefit Haul - ish

"Cutie Cravings" Set
"Pretty Parfait" Set

Hello! For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive two of the Benefit sets, one from my parents and one from my cousin. I was very excited as soon as I saw the packaging and can I just rave about how cute Benefit's packaging is! I absolutely love it and will not be throwing the packaging away anytime soon. 

I received the "Cutie Cravings" set and the "Pretty Parfait" set. Both sets are great value for money compared to normal retail

The Cutie Cravings set contains miniatures of the "Porefessional" primer, "They're Real!" mascara and the "Ultra Plush Lipgloss" in "Fauxmance". It also contains samples of four different eyeshadows ("It's Complicated", "Nude Swings", "Quick, Look Busy" and, my personal favourite, "Thanks A Latte"). It also has a sample of the "Hoola" bronzer. Firstly, I would like to point out that I adore the names of Benefit products, I mean "Thanks A Latte" oh my gosh! 
I love this set, the primer is one of my favourites, it's oil free and definitely improves the staying power of makeup. Also, when I use this under foundation, unless I've had a particularly bad breakout, I don't feel any need to use concealer (except under the eyes, of course)!
I do like this bronzer, but I am always wary of making myself look too orange, so I would definitely make sure you tap off the excess before applying and use a minimal amount, especially if you are more towards the pale side, like myself. 
I'll get to the mascara in a bit as I got the full size in the other set! 
I like the lipgloss, it's from the new range, not sticky at all, moisturising and I really like the shade! I haven't worn it for a whole day yet so I can't comment on the staying power!
The eyeshadows are great. "It's Complicated" is a golden pink/peach with shimmer. "Nude Swings" is a soft rose gold with shimmer. "Quick, Look Busy" is a matte espresso. "Thanks A Latte" is a golden brown with shimmer. They blend so well and aren't too overpowering but still have good pigment. Also, I've used these without eye primer and they last the entire day!

On to the Pretty Parfait set. This set contains a full size "They're Real!" mascara, a miniature of the "Porefessional" primer, a sample of the "Laugh With Me LeeLee" eau de toilette and a full size "Benetint". Very good value for money. 
Again, I absolutely love this set. I've already spoken about the "Porefessional" primer and was very happy to receive a second sample of it!
I actually didn't know that Benefit did fragrances so this came as a pleasant surprise to me. And, I actually really like it! I'm awful at describing scents but this fragrance is described as a "woody floral - a light blend of citrus, jasmine & lily blossoms". Being an eau de toilette, it's not too heavy at all and I just really like the smell. It's also not too sweet and is just, as the website puts it, "classically feminine". 
The "Benetint" cheek and lip stain is lovely. I am a huge fan of the colour, especially on my lips, and the smell, oh the smell. Although, if you are not a fan of roses, you will not share my love of the scent. One problem with this product is that if you do not blend it into your cheeks quickly, it can become very pink, something I do not like in a blusher/cheek tint. However, almost contradicting my last statement, is that this tint is very buildable. I'm a more bold-lips, subtle-blush kind of girl and I find this product great for that as you can use it for a very subtle or a very bold look! I would definitely recommend it.
Finally, the "They're Real!" mascara. This mascara has had a lot of mixed reviews but I like it a lot. The plastic applicator allows me to apply the mascara very precisely and evenly, although it hurts a lot if you're prone to poking yourself in the eye (oops). Saying this though, there have been times when its applied not-so-nicely, but this is rare. I can see myself using this as my new day-to-day mascara (I lost my Maybelline - "The Falsies" mascara which was very upsetting as I do love that). 

I decided I would do a makeup look using these products. Unfortunately I have not got the hang of photographing myself to make my makeup be seen (if that makes sense), so it's not that clear. Oh well, I tried!
What I Used:
Benefit Products:
  • Benefit "Porefessional" primer.
  • Benefit "Hoola" bronzing powder.
  • Benefit eyeshadow in "It's Complicated", "Nude Swings" and "Thanks A Latte".
  • Benefit "They're Real!" mascara.
  • Benefit "Ultra Plush Lipgloss" in "Fauxmance".
  • Benefit cheek and lip tint "Benetint".
Non-Benefit products:
  • Rimmel "Wake Me Up" foundation.
  • Soap & Glory "Kick Ass Concealer" under eye concealer and setting powder.
  • Soap & Glory "Archery" brow pencil.

 Have any of you tried any of these, or other, Benefit products and what do you think of them?

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  1. Thanks so much! Used my fairy lights and then just natural sunlight, the best kind of lighting!