Monday, 12 January 2015

OOTD (kind of) And Shopping With Petek

Before I start, I say "OOTD kind of" because in reality it's outfit-of-the-other-day.
On Saturday I went shopping with my amazing friend Petek (yes, I have mentioned her before and yes she does have a blog, it's so
good, go and check it out here). It was such a fun and, for once, productive day. I got loads of stuff that I wanted (a post of what I bought will be coming on Friday) and needed (well that's what I'm telling myself). We went to Oxford Street and did some exploring of the back streets to find a nice spot to take photos. We ended up finding a cute little street with a load of shops on it that was just hidden away somewhere, it was really nice! Anyway, you can see my outfit in all the photos.

I really loved what I was wearing. I got this coat from Urban Outfitters for Christmas. I absolutely adore it, it's so warm and looks lovely paired with black or navy jeans. My top is from American Apparel, I can't find a link, sorry! My jeans are the black leigh jeans from Topshop, my favourite shop for jeans. Finally, my shoes. I have an unhealthy obsession for platform heels, this style not stilettos as much, I mean seriously, I want like 8 pairs. I am completely and utterly in love with these shoes, sad I know, they're inanimate objects, but look at them. They're the Vagabond Dioon Lace Up Boots in Black Canvas and I just think they're stunning. They can be worn for anything; a shopping trip, to a party, or to a concert (I wore them to Capital FM's Summertime Ball). They are pretty much my favourite shoes (other than my docs) if you couldn't tell.

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