Tuesday, 10 February 2015

February Fashion Wishlist(s)

Want want want
Firstly, sorry for the delayed post! Basically, I thought I'd just do a wishlist post. There are honestly so many things that I've been
wanting lately, so here's a round up of a few (yes there are so many more oops) of the items I'm currently in love with.

There seems to be a colour theme here. Except the green jeans. I don't even know, I just really like them? No idea what I would wear them with though.


Hopefully I'm going to be starting yoga soon, and if you don't already know, I also do dance. So here's a few of the sporty/activewear items I've been lusting after.  These sports bras are so comfortable, I have a black one and now just want all of them. The shoes I've been wanting for ages, oh my gosh I just love them. And the yoga pants, wow wow wow.

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