Friday, 27 February 2015

Guest Post | Neon Colours And All Those Flowers

       The saying goes like this: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated” and it is absolutely true. With spring waiting just around the corner, there are so many great things which are waiting to be experienced as well. One of the best things in the whole wide world that spring has to offer are festivals. It cannot be emphasised enough just how enthusiastic people are at events such as these, when they are finally given the opportunity to go crazy, enjoy life and celebrate the fact that winter is long gone. Now, another important part of festival season are the clothes. Ugh, I can’t even… Still don’t know what to wear when festivals come knocking on your door? Read on.

All that lace
You would think that lace would have gone out of style by now, but every year, every girl is craving at least one piece of lace clothing. It’s almost essential… But to be honest, how could it not be? It is both feminine and sexy at the same time, and counts for a great detail. What’s also good about it is that you can combine it in so many ways and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of clothing only for festivals. Lace shorts or mesh tops with lace cut outs are perfect for spring… Well if you live in a place where it’s hot enough anyway…


Shorts rule
Yes, long maxi skirts and wide pants are stunning, but denim shorts can never be replaced or go out of style in events such as these. They will make you figure look longer, depending on the style you choose. Now I love to DIY my denim shorts especially how the distressed style was so popular the last few years back. It’s something about it… It’s so effortless and I’ve made bunch of them with my friends. If you’re hesitant on trying, there are heaps of tutorials online which you can follow – cut them, distress them; you can even tie die them and stud them or create other cool details and make it unique for you.


I feel that when it comes to tops, shirts and bikinis that you’re going to wear at a festival, there is just no rule. Literally everything goes, even if you opt for a fringe top with feather trimming (I know it sounds funny, but I’ve actually seen it, I swear!) My advice is to keep it simple, in the sense that you won’t do more than one extravagant detail on the shirt at once. When I say extravagant, I mean feathers, fringe, weird cut outs, heaps of gems etc. As for what’s under your shirt, me and my girls always wear swimsuit tops – they are supper comfy and practical to wear especially if you're going to a festival near the lake or at the beach, and also, if you look online, you can find swimwear at really bargain prices this time of year.



Ugh, this might be my favourite part about festivals. I must admit I haven’t gone full unicorn and died my hair in pastel colours, but I’m thinking of doing just a few strands to see where it goes. Other than that, flower crowns and elf-like tiaras are my favourite. I recommend leaving your hair down in some gorgeous bohemian beachy waves – it’s effortless and beautiful and looks very organic. Otherwise, just put it in a loose braid.
Festivals are like an alternate world for me where I don’t really have to listen to the conventional rules of what is and isn’t ok. Quite often I will return home (or to camp) with stripes of neon paint over my face and kandi bracelets which I’ve exchanged with someone else. That’s the beauty of festivals – they somehow inspire you to be true to yourself and not think about what other people are thinking. You’re free to dress, behave and feel how you want to and not be judged for it. So if you get a chance to grab some festival tickets, don’t be hesitant to do so. I guarantee you will find a piece of yourself you didn’t know was there.



Hey guys! This post was by the lovely Remi. You can contact her on Twitter  // Facebook // Google+. I know she'd absolutely love your feedback! Isn't this post just amazing by the way? Also, it's given me so much inspiration and made me reaaaally want to go to festivals this year! 


  1. Great post and denim shorts are my life haha xxx

  2. love everything you have picked out! I really want to get the nike air max thea x

    han // emandhan xo

  3. I have been dying to get the pair of air max theas for so long now! I have some in a blue/turquoise colour and I love them, so comfortable!X

  4. Love this post!! such beautiful items. Love the shirt

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  5. Thank you :) Yeah, denim shorts are the best, especially in the summer...