Sunday, 5 July 2015

Beautycon 2015

 Again, another very late post, but I still want to post it.

In May, myself and Petek went to Beautycon London. I think it was the first time Beautycon had been held in London. If you don't know what Beautycon is, it is basically an event where YouTubers, bloggers, anyone beauty related really, can come together. This
year there were multiple 'big' YouTubers/bloggers, including many that we were keen on meeting.

It was held at the Olympia Centre near Hammersmith. The layout and actual event site was really nice and although it was actually a fairly small section of the centre, it was not too overcrowded. When we arrived we walked around for a while and then waited for one of the talks to begin.

This talk included Niomi Smart who (if you don't already know) is a blogger and YouTuber that both me and Petek (especially Petek) really love. I can't actually remember what the talk was about as we were too busy fangirling over Niomi to listen to what was going on. Also, we didn't listen to the entire thing and instead looked around some more and managed to get hold of free 50ml sample sizes of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser. It actually came with a muslin cloth as well which was great.

There were scheduled meet and greets taking place and so we began queuing for one before eventually leaving the queue as we were determined to find and meet Niomi. We did manage to find her and get a quick picture, quick being the operative, as suddenly there were loads of people crowding round and trying to get a picture. I actually don't like my picture that much, I think the lighting was quite strange and I just cannot smile! To be honest I'm not that keen on any of the photos I took, I think my favourite is the one I got with Tyler.

After meeting Niomi, we rejoined the queue for the meet and greet to meet Fleur De Force and Hello October (Suzie). Fleur was so sweet and looked amazing, and Suzie was really nice, she actually complimented my hair! After meeting them we sat down to listen to one of the talks, the panel included two of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup. It was a fun and interesting panel and just made me love them even more. After the panel we did end up meeting them, I was shaking - I was so excited. They were both so lovely and I wish we got to stay and talk to them for a longer time but we were both starving! I did manage to tell Lily that she inspired me to start my blog and her response was so amazing. 

The entire day was amazing except for the fact that the food there was awful. It was basically just hot dogs and sandwiches but at triple the normal price. We'd spent about 5-6 hours there so decided to leave. Just as we were leaving, Tyler Oakley's meet and greet was ending - it had literally been packed, so many people were queuing to see him - and so I just got Petek and went to the gate around the meet and greet area and told her it was worth waiting as he might come and take photos. Which he did! It was very, very quick but I love the photo and I can't believe that we met Tyler! Like what?

It was a lot of fun and I'd definitely like to go again if they hold another Beautycon in London. Hopefully they will!

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