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Sorry, sorry, sorry! I've disappeared off the face of the earth I know. I said I was going to try and balance my time between school and blogging but, well look how that turned out. Anyway, I am finally done with GCSEs (and secondary school what?!) so I have time to blog. Well I would hope I have time considering I have a thirteen week (now about 10 week) holiday. Also I am aware that I
usually do a music post on Wednesday's but I haven't posted in so long that I thought I'd start with this.

This post is now nearly two months late but I decided I still wanted to put it up. On the 7th of May we had our prom. Prom is nowhere near as big in the UK as it is in the USA so there are a lot of differences I'm sure. Our head of year actually insisted on calling it the "Spring Ball" because "prom" is 'too American' apparently. 

I am very fussy when it comes to anything formal clothing. I've never actually worn a nice evening dress before just because I've never had to. So choosing my dress was painfully hard. I went, with my mum, to so many different shops around London but I couldn't find anything. I looked online and found a few I liked but I was worried to order them incase the websites weren't legitimate or it didn't arrive in time. Eventually, I got my dress made. I basically sent pictures of similar dresses to what I wanted. I'd always wanted a white/cream dress but thought it may look too much like a wedding dress. I had to buy the material for my dress so ended up picking a champagne/ivory kind of colour. I was terrified that I would end up hating my dress but I absolutely loved it. I always wanted something different and almost bohemian style and so I thought it was perfect. 

My shoes and clutch bag were easy to find. No wait, that's a lie. The clutch bag was easy to find, I got one from Accessorize, the shoes were not. I knew exactly what I wanted but as it was so specific, I couldn't find them anywhere. Eventually, as we were giving up, my sister found the perfect ones.

I got my hair done at a hair salon close to my school and my makeup done at Benefit. The woman who did my makeup was really nice and I would recommend. She told me what she was doing and what products she was using. You are expected to buy products as payment, which I did, but she wasn't too pushy and allowed me time to pick. I found the makeup felt a bit heavy but it looked really nice and lasted very well.

My dress was backless so I had to wear a very strange stick on bra-thing. Honestly I don't know what it was but it worked. I tried two different ones, an actual stick on bra and those weird sticky things that I just can't describe, and the whatever-they're-called worked well. (Worst description ever).

My prom was on a Thursday (I don't know why) and before my exams (again, I wish I knew why). Honestly, we were all so irritated by the fact that it was before exams because what were we supposed to be celebrating? 

But it was a really fun night. We had a half day at school, so ended at 12:30pm, and then met back at half past 4. We then got on coaches which took us to the River Thames, where we boarded a boat. The prom was being held on the boat, as it always is at my school. It was really nice although the food was awful. 

By the end, I think around 11:30pm, I'm pretty sure all of the girls were in socks instead of heels.

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