Friday, 10 July 2015

Shopping, Starbucks and Sightseeing - Visiting New York

Times Square
Times Square
One of the Twin Tower memorial sites 
Reasonable panorama of NYC from the One World Trade Centre
Multiple pictures of the view from the One World Trade Centre
The view from the flat I was staying in
The One World Trade Centre

Photo heavy post I know! As you may know, I recently finished secondary school and my GCSE exams. As a sort of 'congratulations you actually got through your GCSEs' reward, my mum took me to New York.

So, let me just start by saying this is not the first time I have been to New York. The only other time I've been was about three years
ago. I went with my parents during October half-term. However, I'm just going to say that it was not exactly the experience I had expected. The city that never sleeps was asleep. New York was closed. This is because, the first time I went to New York, also happened to be the week of Hurricane Sandy. We were staying with friends and when we arrived there was no knowledge of the hurricane. We went to their house in upstate New York, we were just going to stay for the weekend, but their flat in Brooklyn was literally on the river and was evacuated when the hurricane started so we couldn't go back. I think the hurricane was actually worse in upstate New York than in Manhattan. We had no power or water, trees were coming down everywhere, it was pretty terrifying. I did end up getting about a day in Manhattan but everything was closed although we did manage to go up the Empire State building.

Anyway, I really wanted to go back and was super excited to finally go again. We stayed with the same friends and actually in their flat for the majority of the time! The main purpose of the trip, for me, was to go shopping. Which I did. I spent all my money way too quickly but it was so fun and just a generally enjoyable trip. 

We also went up the One World Trade Centre which has an amazing view of New York. The only downside for me was that there was no outside area so it was difficult to take good pictures through the glass. Also, me being me, I managed to forget my camera! So I had to use my phone. 

I really do love New York though, the cheaper prices are definitely a benefit but it's also such a lively city. Coming from London, I am a city girl and I've always said that when I'm older I'll either live in London or New York. Also, Starbucks in America have waaaay more drinks (so annoying)!

The one thing I was not prepared for though, was the heat. It was so hot! Not like insane or anything, but it got up to about 37 degrees (celcius), which, in a city, is really hot. The air felt thick and there was no breeze - thank gosh for air conditioning on the subway!

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