Saturday, 17 October 2015

Water Sports, Waterfalls and Warm Weather - Visiting Croatia

Day trip to the island of Hvar

I think this was in Split somewhere
Blue Fanta??? The flavour was strange something like Lemon and Elderflower? It was nice though
No idea what this is called but it was fun
Parasailing in Bol with my brother
Krka national park - some of the most amazing waterfalls I've seen (oh and that splash is me)

If you've seen any of my previous posts, you may know that I went to New York in the summer, as a present for finishing my GCSE exams. Later on, when my siblings had broken up from school, we all went to Croatia. I know it's now October (I've just started doing the International Baccalaureate, its hard, I'm sorry) so you''re probably wondering why I've decided to now do a summer
holidays post, but it's cold here and I'd rather be thinking about 28 degrees weather than 11.

 Firstly, warm weather is an understatement. It never went below 20 degrees (celsius) even at two in the morning, and during the day it reached up to 42 degrees. Insane weather, especially considering I'm used to 16 degrees and cloudy London weather.

Croatia is honestly one of the beautiful places I've ever been to. We went to Bol, which is on an island just off Croatia, for one week and then to Split for the second. It's such a nice country, really easy to get around - EVERYONE speaks English - and just definitely worth visiting.

Oh and I went parasailing! It was honestly so amazing, looks terrifying but it's actually not, definitely recommend trying this if you ever get the chance.

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