Saturday, 23 January 2016

Guest Post | Best Ways to Maximise Closet Space in 2016

With school, family, and friends taking up so much of your day, it can be hard to make time for something like organising your closet. But it’s important to maximise your closet to create more room for today’s latest fashion trends and styles. Here are a few of Modernize’s
favourite ideas that can help you make more space in your closet for 2016. 

Use Your Door 

Door shoe hangers and hooks are an ideal closet space saver. Use closet hooks to hang your sporting equipment or school bags. You can use a shoe rack behind the door to store all of your favorite shoes. Organizing doesn't have to be boring. You can find printed fabric shoe racks in cool designs, as well as colored hooks to match your decor.

Color Coordinate 

Having your clothes colour coordinated can not only make it easier to find your favorite outfit, but can save you closet space. There is nothing more stressful than not being able to find your favorite shirt on your way out the door for school or work. If you organize your clothing by color and style, then it should be easy to find that favorite shirt by looking for it by color. Some people choose not to hang all of their clothing items by hangers, but it can be very beneficial for saving space. Space saver hangers are great for small closets, and each hanger can be assigned a color to complete your color coordinated closet. 

Upper Shelf Display 

Most closets have an upper shelf. But many people don’t utilize this shelf because they are so hard to reach. One of the best ways to maximize this space is using storage boxes. Use color themed boxes to store items like yearbooks, sport trophies or medals, and birthday cards or letters from boyfriends or girlfriends that you want to keep. These are items you don’t use every day, but are still kept in your closet. They can be stored on the top shelf, because you are not having to reach for them daily. Funky designed storage boxes are perfect for this space. Find prints and patterns that match your style, while creating a cool closet at the same time.

Donate Used and Forgotten Clothes 

As a teen, it can be hard to part ways with your favorite pair of shoes. Unfortunately, your body is constantly growing, but your closet space is shrinking. Make sure to try on clothes every six months to ensure they still fit properly. Get rid of old clothes by donating them to a good charity. Knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s life can help you get rid of clothes you love. Freeing up this space in your closet can give you more space to work with. With this free space, you can buy new clothes or display your sport items. You can even hang up a poster of your favorite band, or a picture frame with a photo of your friends. 

More than Just Clothes 

If you have a smaller room and large closet space, consider using your closet for more than just a traditional space. Use part of your closet for storage and the other part as a desk space. If it is a walk-in closet you can even create a cool hangout spot for your room. This is a great idea for those rooms that have smaller furniture space, but large closets. Consider moving your dresser in your closet to free up room space, while creating a unique closet design. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi guys! This brilliant post was written by Katie Comer for Modernize! I love these tips for organising your wardrobe space, especially since I've just had my room redone and am getting a new wardrobe. Will definitely be using some of the techniques!

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