About Me

My name is Kirsty, I'm 17 years old & have always been interested in starting some sort of blog but I've never really had the time (I still don't) or the motivation. Procrastination all the way. 
So, I started reading many, many blogs ranging from music to cookery to beauty and the idea of starting one myself was constantly on my mind. One day I decided to tell my friend Petek [petekcelikk] about this and it turned out she'd had the exact same idea. 
The same day we started a joint blog. After a while - for no reason except to make our lives easier, we decided to create separate blogs.
And so, after many awful, awful, blog names, here we are! I decided I was probably less likely to get sick of my own name [the 'h' represents my middle name, Hazel, in case you were wondering].
Anyway, if you're interested in reading about beauty, fashion, music & stuff, with the repeated use of the words 'so', 'anyway' and 'basically', please enjoy!

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